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Faculty Research Productivity is #6 Nationally!

On a per-person basis, our faculty has been the 6th most productive nationally and the top UC Political Science department according to this study in the journal PS: Political Science and Politics.  

POL PhD on the PBS News Hour

POL PhD Alex Mayer who is now Director of Postsecondary Education at MDRC was interviewed on the PBS News Hour about MDRC's randomized control trials aimed at improving community college student success.  Here's the link, with Alex joining at the 4:40 mark.  

Wash U. Professor Frank Lovett to Deliver Sinopoli Memorial Lecture

In memory of our colleague Richard Sinopoli, Frank Lovett of Washington University will deliver the Sinopoli Memorial Lecture on "Milton and the Republican Politics of Paradise Lost."  

Date: Friday, May 5, 2023

Location: 693 Kerr Hall

Lunch will be provided.  

Ph.D. Student Wins Award for Best Paper on Politics of the American West

PhD Student Paige Pellaton won the Charles Redd Award for Best Paper on the Politics on the American West awarded annually from the Western Political Science Association for her paper on "The Influence of Career Congruence on Legislative Committee Assignments."  Congratulations!