Following UC Davis campus COVID protocols, in-person instruction has returned for Fall Quarter 2021. The department’s administrative functions have moved to hybrid work conditions until further notice. At this time, the preferred method of contact for departmental staff members is e-mail; please visit our administrative staff contact page for further information

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The UC Davis Department of Political Science offers three specialized, focused undergraduate majors: Political Science, Political Science - Public Service, and International Relations.

Majors and Minors

UC Davis Department of Political Science academic programs are designed to give students a foundation in the mechanisms of politics and political systems at the national and international levels; knowledge that is applicable to careers in government, urban planning, writing, teaching, law, administration; and preparation for graduate studies in numerous fields. Our department offers students a choice among three majors.

Careers for Political Science and IR Majors

Majoring in Political Science or International Relations at UC Davis can open the doors to a broad range of career fields.

Advising Center

Advising Center for Majors in Political Science, Political Science Public Service and International Relations

Internships in Political Science

Internships give students opportunities to strengthen and diversify their academic preparation by working in complementary professional environments.

Enrichment Programs

Students in Political Science have access to numerous opportunities for enriching experiences.

Honors and Scholarships

The Department of Political Science offers numerous honorary and financial support programs to recognize and reward the outstanding achievements of undergraduate students.