Following UC Davis campus COVID protocols, in-person instruction has returned for Fall Quarter 2021. The department’s administrative functions have moved to hybrid work conditions until further notice. At this time, the preferred method of contact for departmental staff members is e-mail; please visit our administrative staff contact page for further information

Internships in Political Science

Internships give students opportunities to strengthen and diversify their academic preparation by working in complementary professional environments.

Students may benefit from internships in numerous ways, the most important of which is gaining firsthand experience about how their academic preparation relates to actual work settings. Through internships, students may discover new areas of interest, and can gain insights about subject matter in which they wish to advance their academic study. Some internships may qualify students for academic credit applicable toward the bachelor's degree.

Internships in the Department of Political Science

Internship credits are available to students during Fall, Winter, and Spring terms through a faculty-supervised POL 192A/B class. These two courses allow students to earn a flexible number of units for up to two quarters. There is no in-person or virtual weekly class. Coursework is administered through Canvas and the Faculty Supervisor communicates directly with students. POL 192A/B units cannot be earned without participating in this class. 

An internship may qualify for academic credit if:

  • Students are able to apply the concepts and methods of one or more academic disciplines to an appropriate work experience or field setting;
  • Students are able to grow intellectually by extension of the general intellectual tools of one or more academic disciplines to the workplace; and
  • Faculty sponsors are able to assess the quality of academic work that the student completes.

To apply for this class, you must submit a complete application, verify your internship supervisor and job description, and have a faculty sponsor in the Department of Political Science. Applications are reviewed by our Internship Faculty Supervisor. Your application must be approved in order to enroll in POL 192A/B. It is important to check your student e-mail for important dates and deadlines each quarter.

Please check-in with a Political Science advisor to learn about how your internship may apply towards your major. You may review the application sample here: POL 192A/B application. Application requirements are subject to change at the discretion of the Department of Political Science. Refer to direct e-mails from your major advisor for the most up-to-date information.

Important Notes:

  • Internship credits cannot be given retroactively for past internship experiences.
  • Per the UC Davis Academic Senate, “Work that is clerical in nature or involves routine maintenance or service responsibilities does not qualify for academic credit.”
  • Students who wish to participate in an internship and not earn academic credit may apply for transcript notation through the Internship and Career Center. The ICC’s requirements are different. Please refer to their website and center for more information.
  • Per the College of Letters and Science, a maximum of six units may be counted towards major requirements. Not all majors accept internship units. Please check with your major advisor before engaging in any programs that affect your degree progress.
  • POL 192A/B are not repeatable.