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Careers for Political Science and IR Majors

Majoring in Political Science or International Relations at UC Davis can open the doors to a broad range of career fields.


An undergraduate degree in political science opens doorways to occupational possibilities in the public, private and nonprofit organization sectors, and prepares students for graduate education in numerous disciplines. The American Political Science Association has documented numerous well-paying career opportunities available to political science majors in numerous fields, including 30 job categories we list here:

Business and Finance

  • attorney
  • communications director
  • corporate information analyst
  • corporate legislative issues adviser
  • financial advising
  • legal assistant
  • lobbyist
  • paralegal investigator
  • strategic planning consultant

Government and Politics

  • campaign coordination
  • congressional aide
  • diplomatic service
  • elected official
  • foreign services officer
  • housing official
  • international affairs analyst
  • municipal administrator
  • political action committee manager
  • urban policy planner

Related Fields

  • broadcast or print journalist
  • high school teacher
  • labor relations specialist
  • policy analyst
  • political analyst
  • political commentator
  • polling analyst
  • professor
  • public relations specialist
  • research analyst
  • political speech writer

The job market for political science majors is considerably broader than this list of representative examples. Understanding of political structures gives students a vantage point from which to build a successful career in any number of career fields.