Following UC Davis campus COVID protocols, in-person instruction has returned for Fall Quarter 2021. The department’s administrative functions have moved to hybrid work conditions until further notice. At this time, the preferred method of contact for departmental staff members is e-mail; please visit our administrative staff contact page for further information

Fellowships and Scholarships

The Department of Political Science maintains several annual departmental fellowship and scholarship awards to students who exemplify outstanding scholarly achievements.

These fellowships and scholarships were established through the generous philanthropic support of donors who value and encourage high-level intellectual pursuits in the study of political science.

Hewitt Graduate Scholarship

The $1500 Hewitt Graduate Scholarship is intended for incoming graduate students who have an interest in American politics, especially as political processes and policies relate to state and local government or energy and environmental policy. Students may nominate themselves, or be nominated by a faculty member.

Marvin Zetterbaum Award

Graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in graduate student instruction may qualify for the $500 Marvin Zetterbaum Award. In order to be considered, a student must have attended UC Davis as a graduate student for at least six quarters, and must have at least two quarters of teaching experience. The honoree may, based on qualifications, be given the opportunity to teach a course during the following academic year.

Rothchild Graduate Research Award

The purpose of the Rothchild Memorial Graduate Research Award is to encourage scholarship that, in substance and method, reflects the academic values in which Don and Edith Rothchild firmly believed. The award supports graduate student research, at the doctoral dissertation level, that emphasizes qualitative methods in investigating intra-national and inter-societal conflict resolution, especially work on inter-ethnic conflicts.

The award, of up to $1,500, may be used for field research, archival work, appropriate methodological training and similar tasks. Award recipients are expected to report the findings of their research in a public colloquium, the "Rothchild colloquium series." The award stipulates that this research is to be done "at the doctoral dissertation level," which means that it is to support research directly related to the dissertation.

Merk Family Award

The Political Science Merk Family Distinguished Dissertation Prospectus Award was established to award support for one quarter for a student's current work on his or her dissertation. The fellowship, consisting of a $5,000 stipend, is awarded for the summer quarter. The committee will consider a student’s academic standing and progress in the program in selecting a recipient for this award.

Bret Hewitt Award

The Political Science Bret Hewitt Qualifying Exam Award was established to award support for one quarter for a student's presentation of an outstanding Qualifying Exam. The fellowship, consisting of a $5,000 stipend, is awarded for the summer quarter. The Graduate Affairs committee will review faculty recommended qualifying examinations when selecting a student for this award.