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POL 11A - America Decides: Who Will Win This Year's Election?

Who will be elected president in November? How did the nominees establish themselves? Have Americans already made up their minds, or do the campaigns still have a chance to influence voters? What role has the media played? And exactly what power will (and should) the next president have? We’ll discuss all these questions and many more in POL 11A.
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Amber Boydstun






Varies by year, but often in the fall quarter during election years


This course is for anyone interested in the upcoming election. Whether you are an incoming freshman with no knowledge of politics, a seasoned political scientist junior or senior, or a viticulture or computer science major simply curious in understanding the upcoming election, this course is for you. We will use both theoretical and empirical approaches to examine the institutional parameters of the election (voting rules matter!), the candidates and their campaigns, the many factors that shape voters' decisions, and the overarching role of traditional news outlets and social media. Although our focus will be on the upcoming election specifically, students will be able to use insights from this course to better understand all other elections to come.