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Political Science Undergraduate Scholarships

This scholarship fund was established by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.  Recipients are upper division political science students who did all of their lower division work at UCD, have solid academic records, and excel at non-academic pursuits such as student government, community service, or athletics.


Who is Eligible to Apply for the Political Science Undergraduate Scholarships?

  • Minimum overall UCD GPA of 3.5
  • POL or PPS major
  • Full-time upper division students who did all of their lower division work at UCD (AP ok but no transfer work)
  • Excel at more than just academic pursuits and contribute to UCD by participation in student government, community service, student activities, athletics or other activity
  • Not financial need based but may be taken into consideration
  • Applications available Oct. 1st, due Dec. 4th
  • Awarded at Political Science Student Awards Ceremony