Letters of rec

Letters of Recommendation for Undergraduates


In some cases, students may wish to ask me for a letter of recommendation.  If you do please see the below guidelines:


•    In general, I will only write academic letters of recommendation for students who receive an A- or better in one of my classes.  

    o    If you received a grade lower than an A-, I suggest that you get a recommendation from an instructor in whose class you received a higher grade unless I make special mention to you that I am available to write a letter for you.

•    In requesting the letter or discussing what you are applying for, there is no need for us to meet in person.  Email is fine.

•    For any letter of recommendation request, please contact me a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the due date.

•    Some law school applications ask you to get a more "personal" reference that is different from the standard letter of recommendation.  I recommend that you not ask me for this additional personal reference (which asks me questions about things like your "integrity").  In most cases, I do not have enough information about you to provide the information requested in this more personal reference.

  • For online letters of recommendation (e.g., for the UCDC internship program), please see the below contact information for me and do not worry about sending me the below materials.

•    However, for those requesting hard copy letters (e.g., for law school admissions):  Once I have agreed to write a letter for you, please send all materials to the following address (unless I have provided a different address to you):

Professor Ethan Scheiner

Department of Political Science

University of California at Davis

One Shields Avenue

Davis CA, 95616

Here is additional contact information:

    Phone: (530) 207-3205

    Fax: (530)752-8666

    Email Address:  escheiner@ucdavis.edu.

•    Please send me the following:

   o    Your statement of purpose or other letter you are submitting with your application

   o    Your resume and transcript

   o    A self-addressed/stamped envelope for every letter that you want me to send

•    Be sure to waive your right to see the letter.  I will not submit letters unless you do so.

•    Please fill out all information for me on whatever forms I need to complete, so that all I need to do is sign and date the form and submit the actual letter.

   o    My title is: Professor, Department of Political Science, UC Davis

   o    And my additional contact information is above.

•    Please get me all materials no less than 2 weeks before I need to mail in the letter.

•    Unless you have heard from me that the letter is submitted, 3 days before the letter needs to be submitted please send me a reminder email to submit the letter.

•    These letters are confidential, so I will not give a copy for your records.