Getting into classes

Information on getting into the class


Some of you may not be officially enrolled in the class.  In some cases, you are on the waitlist and in others you are trying to act through open enrollment.  I *cannot* sign anything to get you into the class unless there is room at the end of the waitlist period.  Please see the below, which is from the administration:


"Many of the Political Science courses are full or close to being fully enrolled. Students may come to you with requests for a Permission to Add (PTA) number. The students are trying to get around going through SISWeb and waiting for the wait list process to end as they are supposed to do prior to requesting a PTA# from their instructor.


"There are waiting lists on SISWeb on which students put themselves and from which they will be automatically added as space opens. Please tell the students that you won’t be giving out PTA numbers until the end of the Wait List Period." 


Please see the course catalog and/or academic calendar for information on when add/drop/end of waitlist periods are.


From Michelle Hicks in the Political Science Office:  If the instructor is willing to give a student a PTA#, "I cannot email the student the PTA#, the student needs to bring their ID# and come and see me [in the Political Science Office]."