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Robert McNish


  • B.A. (cum laude) with Honors, University of Houston – 2010


Primary Field: Political Theory
Secondary Field: American Politics
PhD expected March 2017

Dissertation Committee Composition

John T. Scott (chair); Robert S. Taylor; Shalini Satkunanandan

Research Focus

I am broadly interested in the study of ethics and politics, in particular how ethical theories are realized into political institutions, and how these theories can be potentially morphed in response to demands from a non-ideal world. My dissertation is focused on the history of virtue ethics and its relation to liberalism and individuality, specifically in the theories of Thomas Hobbes and Adam Smith. My other research is focused on issues of moral and political obligation in social contract theory, with an emphasis on the theory of Thomas Hobbes.

Dissertation: “Virtuous Liberalism: Individuality and Virtue Ethics in Liberal Thought”