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Yoonjung Lee


Primary Field: American Politics
Secondary Field: Political Methodology
PhD expected June 2016

Dissertation Committee Composition
Cheryl Boudreau (Co-chair), Bob Huckfeldt (Co-chair) and Brad Jones


Research Focus

My research focuses on the role of political and social identities in opinion formation. I use lab and field experiments to test the effect of different informational contexts on the salience of different identities. My dissertation argues that competing group identities and their salience to voters should lessen the effect of partisan bias when evaluating policy issues. According to the literature on partisan motivated reasoning, we should expect partisans to keep reinforcing their partisan views, however, I find that depending on the type of issue and the identity that is made salient through priming. Broadly speaking, I am interested in survey and experimental design as a method for testing psychological processes in micro-politics.

Dissertation: "Irrational Actors, Rational Decisions: The Conditions and Consequences of Biased Information Processing"

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