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Joseph Picek


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in International Studies, University of Chicago, 2008


Primary Field: International Relations
PhD expected January 2017

Dissertation Committee Composition
Miroslav Nincic (chair), Heather McKibben, Brandon Kinne

Research Focus

My primary research interest is in the effects of technology change on state behavior. For empirical research, this means analyzing the effects of technology on state perceptions of possible, desirable, and appropriate actions. However, military technological development is a political project, and therefore endogenous to the normative developments themselves. My dissertation focuses on the impact of weapons on a state’s understanding of its obligations under the laws of war. Additionally, I have a research interest in the intersection of international relations and political theory. My political theory interest is in the ethics of international action, including the laws of war.

Dissertation:"Building the Norms of War: Tools and Targeting in US Military Doctrine"