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Syllabus and Other Course Material


 The syllabus is available under Resources at the POL 7 SmartSite page.  Additional course material is also available under Resources




General Court Sites


US Courts - Administrative Office of

Supreme Court - Official Site of the Court

Justice Bios (all)


Supreme Court Sites


Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Justice


Pending Supreme Court Cases


Case Overview - On the Docket

Review/Schedule Pending Oral Arugment


Supreme Court Decisions


Search by Name/Year - FindLaw

Search by Topic - Cornell University Law School


Supreme Court and Judicial Data Sources


The Judicial Initiative Project - Various quantitative data bases

The Blackmun Archive - Papers of late Justice Harry Blackmun


Pre Law Advising


Advising Services - UC Davis Pre Law Advising


General Resources


Internet Legal Resource Guide - Clearing house of resources, includes rankings of law schools


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