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POL 154

Syllabus and Other Course Material


 The syllabus is available under Resources at the POL 154 SmartSite page.  Additional course material is also available under Resources.




General Court Sites


US Courts - Administrative Office of

Supreme Court - Official Site of the Court

Justice Bios (all)


Supreme Court Sites


Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Justice


Pending Supreme Court Cases


Case Overview - On the Docket

Review/Schedule Pending Oral Arugment


Supreme Court Decisions


Search by Name/Year - FindLaw

Search by Topic - Cornell University Law School


Supreme Court and Judicial Data Sources


The Judicial Initiative Project - Various quantitative data bases

The Blackmun Archive - Papers of late Justice Harry Blackmun


Pre Law Advising


Advising Services - UC Davis Pre Law Advising


General Resources


Internet Legal Resource Guide - Clearing house of resources, includes rankings of law schools


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