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Cory Struthers (formerly Belden)


  • Ph.D. (Expected 2018-2019) UCD Political Science:
  • Comparative Politics | Methodology | Environmental Policy
  • M.A. (2010) Monterey Institute of International Studies:
  • International Policy Studies

Research Focus

My research involves extending theories of comparative political institutions and elite incentives to distributive policy-making and representation. I’m interested in explaining how political institutions, such as electoral rules and the executive arrangement, systematically affect when and how elected officials respond to policy problems that have heterogenous impacts. Policy problems that have heterogenous impacts are those that affect some constituents but not others, or affect constituents differently depending on where they live. My current empirical applications focus on the effects of climate change and environmental issues, but I have interest in applying political institutional theory to other problems with similar characteristics (e.g., gun violence, poverty, immigration).

Related to this substantive agenda, I’m also interested in developing computational text approaches to measure the latent preferences of elected officials in new ways, and using geocoded indicators of social and natural phenomena to test relationships. In most of my work, I exploit the timing and content of legislative activities (such as policy proposals and speeches) and use a combination of text mining, regression, spatial, and qualitative approaches in analyses. Alongside this research, I collaborate on projects that seek to improve measurement strategies for party scaling, party competition, and science uptake in policy. Measuring these concepts well is critical to advancing our understanding of how institutions and other political factors influence elite incentives and decision-making.

Please visit my website for my CV and more information about my research.

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