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Datasets and Do-Files

The 1970 Vietnam Draft Lottery (for 01--vietnam, zipped files)

simxy (for 02--intro to OLS, zipped files)

Turnout in Franklin County, Ohio (for lab1, the data)

          Answers for lab1:,

Introduction to Graphics (for 04--graphics,

simxxy (goes with 05--multiple regression, zipped files)

PEWGAP2007 country-level data (for lab2 and lab3).

          Answers for lab2:

          Answers for lab3:

Crime stuff (goes with 07--influential cases, zipped files)

Comparative Study of Electoral Systems, Denmark 2001 (goes with 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, zipped files)

Faculty salaries (goes with 13--interactions, faculty--working1.dta,

High quality schools (goes with 15--logit-part1, apilog.dta,

American National Election Study 2004 (goes with 16--logit-part 2, anes2004.dta,

PEWGAP 2002&2007 individual-level data (goes with 17--data management, zipped files)

US state-level data (for lab6, zipped files)

European Social Survey (ESS) data (for 19--saving results, zipped files)