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Political Science Graduate Program

Our graduate program provides a collaborative environment in which students work closely with faculty to prepare them for successful careers as scholars and teachers of political science. In order to foster this collaborative approach, enrollment in the program is restricted to allow close working relationships with faculty. We generally offer multi-year financial packages to all incoming students through a combination of fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships and readerships so that members of our program can concentrate fully on their studies. The success of our program in preparing students for academic careers is evident in our excellent placement record of students in research universities and liberal arts colleges.

While we offer specialization in all of the traditional subfields in political science, American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Methodology, our department encourages training and research that cuts across the traditional fields. Our graduate program is structured to introduce students to a range of approaches to research in political science and the methodological tools needed to do cutting-edge scholarship. Our program also offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue independent and collaborative research, as well as the funding to do so.


Professor Brad Jones

Director of Graduate Studies (2013 - 2015)

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